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I’m your trusted, Event Brilliance mentor. With a deep commitment to transforming ordinary events into extraordinary experiences that deliver BIG results, I draw upon over 25 years of expertise, skills and rich experiences in the conference and events industry.

Embark on Extraordinary

Are you ready to revolutionise your approach to events? I’m here to guide you through the Event Brilliance revolution, where ordinary transforms into extraordinary. Together, let’s effortlessly create remarkable, results-oriented professional events with precision and confidence.

Trailblaizing the Event Landscape

Throughout my illustrious event career, I have orchestrated and executed thousands of conferences, gala award dinners, product launches, brand activations, incentive, familiarisation programs, team-building experiences, exhibitions, and trade shows. My influence extends across continents leaving an impressive mark on events in Australia, New Zealand, Aisa Pacific, the Middle East and Europe.

Renowned global brands such as Visa, Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, TEDx Sydney and many more attest to my seamless integration into their workforce. My ability to strategically scale events while elevating their profile through unique immersive experiences has earnt me remarkable accolades. I pride myself on orchestrating memorable experiences that resonate with diverse audiences, reinforcing brand identity and fostering lasting connections all whilst delivering outcome-driven results.

A Strategic Visionary and Crisis Leader

As your Event Brilliance mentor, I provide you with strategic, practical, and industry-leading support across every aspect of conference and event management – from conceptualisation to seamless execution, including expert crisis leadership. My motivation is fuelled by a clear sense of purpose, challenging the norms of creativity, quality, profitability.

Foundations in Excellence

My professional journey began with humble roots in hospitality, hotel and event operations and management. These foundational experiences served as the core for my success, sculpting me into the seasoned professional I am today. Through my award-winning conference and event management business Eventful Projects, I maintain an active presence and hold advisory board positions within the events industry.

A Legacy of Event Brilliance

My vision is to pioneer a transformative era of excellence: Event Brilliance, inspiring professionals to create impactful, results-driven events that captivate attendees and produce memorable humanised conference and event experiences.

Empowering You:

Access my industry-leading downloadable tools and resources, masterclasses, event audits and personalised mentoring. I’m here to share my expertise, skills and experiences, empowering you to effortlessly create your own professional events that deliver you extraordinary results.

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