Part 2: 10 ways to create the ultimate attendee experience

If you’ve been following the VICKY TROP journey, you’ll know last week I spoke about creating the ultimate attendee experience and the benefits it can have for your brand. Not only for the events you have in your pipeline but also with helping to sustain the longevity of your brand for the future of your brand and your business.

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series:

“The success of your event really comes down to the experience your guests have.”

It’s important you switch your mindset to focus on developing enthusiastic advocates from the very beginning of your event. First impressions are everything. You want to create nourishing, rewarding and valuable event experiences that sustain your advocates for the life of your brand and business. Advocates are loyal because you are continually delivering ultimate experiences over and over, entertaining them, educating them, and inspiring them…so remember, make your advocates are a vital part of your sales and marketing plan!

I’ve developed 10 ways for you to deliver the ultimate attendee experience at your next event. Because this juicy goodness was too much to include in the one blog post, the first 5 golden nuggets of wisdom are in my previous blog post which you can read HERE.

Your *second* 5 ways to create the ultimate attendee experience


  • What first impression are you giving?
  • It all starts with your pre-event advertising, referrals, invitation etc.
  • How is your audience interactive with your event?
  • What value is their interaction giving to your brand?


  • What do you want attendees to do as a result of your event?
  • What actions do you want attendees to take?
  • What call to actions are you giving throughout your event: pre-event, onsite and post event?
  • Do your CTA’s relate back to your event purpose, key messaging, value proposition and KPI’s?


  • How are you staying connected and engaged with your audience?
  • What value are attendees getting by staying connected and engaged?
  • Use this opportunity to create additional brand awareness
  • Post event engagement can segway into your cross promotion and upselling.


  • We don’t know what we don’t know!
  • Ask attendees what they want – easy and valuable pathway to success!
  • We need feedback to improve and continue to meet and exceed expectations.
  • Employ creative ways to obtain attendee feedback in real time.
  • This is a great way for you to create an even bigger and better event the next time around.


  • Create a community.
  • Encourage attendee networking and engagement during all event stages.
  • Offer an environment (group) for continued support, nurturing, learning etc – continued value feeding off each other.
  • Use live Q&A post event to stay connected with your audience
  • Post event highlights and pictures as well as send them to all your guests.
  • Be creative in how you keep attendees engaged while maintaining human connection.
  • Build and nurture relationships to continue brand advocacy into the future of your brand and business.

All super exciting nuggets of gold right! So, my question to you is: how would you feel to eliminate your stress and guesswork of running a brilliant event?

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