Best Kept Secrets Behind Sell Out Events


Blending events into your marketing and communications plan creates a journey with your brand, products and, or services, building brand loyalty and advocacy. The path to success requires forethought; creating lucrative events calls for strategic mapping which begins long before the event itself commences – so what is the secret behind sell-out events?

There are multiple secrets! That’s right, there is more than one pathway to success. There are key characteristics evident in all sell-out events that you need to adopt – what are these? First and foremost, its PURPOSE. By setting clear intentions you are creating principals for your event and starting the process of establishing strong foundations that will bring your event to life with tactical messaging and strong call to actions.

“Your purpose powers value
and positions you to achieve a ROI.”


VALUE ENGINEERING must be your motivator, it is imperative that you are driven to create value for your audience beyond the economic. Value perception is variable, as consumers we all have free will and choice, therefore we each quantify value differently. Value is found in the understanding of your audience; and ‘audience avatars’ provide the perfect tool for you to intimately discover who your audience are, what they need and want. Once you intimately know your audience you can commence manufacturing value – build your event around this and market appropriately.

Introducing CONTENT, a vital commodity to your event! Yes, content curation will convey purposeful messaging, influential call to actions and magnify value sensitivity, but your content needs to do so much more. I urge you to give priority to the delivery of content [enter the humble speaker!] Your speaker needs to be carefully selected, someone who can captivate your audience not just with their story but with their energy, body language and methods of engagement. Speakers needs to be in synergy with your event, subtly weaving your key messaging and call to actions into their overarching presentation. Whilst budget is critical when planning an event, criteria for speakers needs to be dictated beyond the financial investment, speakers need to offer valuable insights, motivate, inspire and empower. Set clear eligibility benchmarks and select wisely – your event is dependent on it!

INFORM, COMMUNICATE & PROMOTE. Your audience needs to hear from you! They need clear communication that provides quality information. Give your messaging reason, this will help distribute valuable intelligence that will drive ticket sales.

Be clear about the: what, who, why, where and how.

  • What is your event? Communicate your events purpose to establish a strong connection that piques interest.
  • Who is your event for? Make it easy for your audience to identify with your event and confidently make the decision to register their attendance, by spelling out ‘Who Should Attend This Event’.
  • Why you should attend this event? Promote with clarity and offer a strong value proposition, showcasing speakers, activities, networking, entertainment, give-aways, attendee testimonials etc. It is important you do not hard sell; you must only inform, communicate and promote. Focusing on the benefits of attendance and creating a hype around your event will reward.
  • Where is the event being held? Venue selection is crucial, it is a drawcard and reflection of your event and brand. Use your venue as leverage to amplify ticket sales!
  • How to register to attend? Sell-out events have a simple purchase journey. If you want to ‘max out your event’ then you need to eliminate all barriers to sale. Ensure information is clear and accurate, your purchase process is streamlined and most importantly you provide after-sale communication that is relevant and informative.

We all want to belong; therefore INCLUSION & COMMUNITY are priceless. Sell-out events offer more than just an event ticket, attendees are buying an experience. Leverage this in your event design, incorporate an inclusion and community strategy to build a prized platform for attendees to be part of an engaged group where they can authentically network, communicate, learn and share through-out your events’ life-cycle, year on year! There is magic in this, not only because it yields you with a captured audience that you can build on and communicate, inform and promote to but because you are creating a sense of belonging. People who are part of something are happy and less likely to walk away – this is where loyalty and advocacy grows!

Outside of these characteristics of a sell-out event, is strategy. The corridor to success is undoubtably in your EVENT STRATEGY, building strong foundations is paramount to your triumph. Strategic mapping, a precious tool to guide you through developing a strategy gives your event purpose and allows you to designate relevant metrics, you will be rewarded with a blueprint to plan, manage and deliver events with precision and confidence. If you want to produce successful sell-out events, you must invest in your event strategy!

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