Event Brilliance Consultation

Event Brilliance Brand & Journey Creator

If you want your events to be:

  • Long term assets (even through uncertain times)
  • Consistently building your brand
  • Maximising engagement every single time
  • Designed so the consumer is taken on a journey
  • The connector of lasting impressions building brand advocacy and repeat purchase…


You are in the right place and the Event Brand & Attendee Journey Creator is for you!

Through my years of experience with the biggest brands in the world I know the most successful ones on a global scale harness the power and momentum of branding, which involves the creation of elements that not only build awareness but maximise engagement through planned, cohesive messages.

This curated and highly customised consultation establishes critical strategic messaging, journey design, and the development of strategies to deliver content that connects, engages, and converts seamlessly to deliver memorable experiences.

It will help you gain knowledge on how to build brand loyalty and advocacy, how to motivate your audience and customers to interact with your brand, and how to establish powerful first and lasting impressions that will keep them coming back for more.


The Event Brand & Attendee Journey Creator highlights the importance of an event brand and how the attendee journey is critical to building a long-term event asset.


The benefits to your clients are that they will:

  • Maximise profit
  • Have a base template you can improve and grow year on year
  • Develop creative assets that last beyond one event
  • Keep what works and discounts what has not
  • Build a team who knows the event and grows with it
  • Team becomes more productive
  • Give your event credibility within your marketplace
  • Contain your audience in one place and easily grow year on year
  • Market to captured audience


  •  Event brand and attendee journey audit
  • Exploration of key messaging and attendee experiences
  • Call-to-action (CTA) creation
  • Event brand attendee journey recommendations

$3,847 + GST

“Start your event brilliance journey!”

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