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Why Settle for Anything Less than Brilliant?

Imagine orchestrating a flawless event effortlessly, leaving no room for overlooked details. The VICKY TROP Event Brilliance Checklist is your ultimate guide to turning this vision into a reality. Crafted with precision and expertise, my checklist is designed to ensure your event shines with brilliance.

Experience Event Planning Without the Overwhelm!

Why struggle with the overwhelming task of remembering every detail when you can have an expert event professional guide you? With firsthand experience in orchestrating numerous successful events, I understand the challenges you face. The VICKY TROP Event Brilliance Checklist is your go-to resource, meticulously curated to cover every checkpoint and protocol essential for remarkable events.

Benefits of the VICKY TROP Event Brilliance Checklist:

Comprehensive Guide:  Representing the gold standard in event planning, this checklist covers every aspect from event strategy, framework mapping, and planning tasks to post event activities.

Versatility: Tailored for any type of event, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to your unique needs.

Consistency: Reusable for all your future events, promoting consistency in your event planning approach.

Farewell to Stress: Say goodbye to event planning fatigue and embrace the excitement and reward of producing events without stress.

Unmatched Value: For just $47, gain access to the expertise that has transformed events for global brands – an invaluable resource for elevating your event planning game.


  • A comprehensive guide for event planning and management
  • Suitable for any event type, ensuring versatility
  • Reusable for all your future events, promoting consistency
  • Bid farewell to event planning fatigue and say hello to Event Brilliance
  • Tailored for all event planning expertise levels
  • Print, use on your laptop or mobile device.

Elevate your Events with Confidence!

The VICKY TROP Event Brilliance Checklist is your ticket to a new era of event planning, management, and delivery. Tick off all the essential event tasks and watch your events soar to new heights.

Seize the opportunity to make every event brilliant – get your VICKY TROP Event Brilliance Checklist today!

$47 + GST

“Start your event brilliance journey!”

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and build brilliant events that deliver remarkable results!

$47 plus GST

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