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Event Brilliance Checklist

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The hardest thing about running a brilliant event? Ensuring you have everything covered before you get on-site.

That’s a lot of items.

It’s ok to acknowledge that remembering to tick everything off your list is a big job, I’ve recognised this time and time again with the hundreds of events I’ve delivered. Now I meticulously walk you through every check point and protocol you need to consider to make an event brilliant and to be sure nothing falls off your radar.

So, I’ve developed a resource for you. The VICKY TROP event checklist has been curated to provide you with an industry standard, best practice and protocol checklist. As you lead up to your event date you will undoubtedly be busy finalising event planning, communicating to attendees, suppliers, and key stakeholders; use this checklist to ensure you have everything covered before you get on-site.

This resource will give you (quite literally) a printable industry benchmark checklist with everything you need to make your event brilliant.

Events are fun, exciting, and rewarding and I want you to feel that way from the beginning, middle and even at the end of running your event.


  • A comprehensive checklist for event planning and management
  • Suitable for any event type
  • Use me repeatedly to make your events brilliant!

Say goodbye to event planning fatigue and hello to Event Brilliance!

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“Start your event brilliance journey!”

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