Ready to take your event to the next level?

EVENT BRILLIANCE is your global industry benchmark for every event you run.

Here you will find all the resources you need to create BRILLIANT EVENTS, so you can achieve EVENT BRILLIANCE.

You have direct access to my proven and successful critical templates, created protocols, masterclasses, and valuable advisory consultations that build high performing event professionals and teams to achieve new levels of EVENT BRILLIANCE and mastery.

You will be ENERGISED to amplify your attendee experience, and to fundamentally add greater value to your business and its clients.


My coaching packages offer you tactical expertise customised to your specific real-time needs - I am here to see you win!

I am your event industry coach.

This is for you if you:

  • Are in the events industry and need to level up
  • Are struggling to turn your event into your asset and see some return on investment
  • Want to bring an idea to life from concept to successful activation
  • Have benchmarks to achieve but need a kick start on how to get there
  • Want to achieve a return on investment for your events
  • Are action and results driven?
  • Are looking for support, systems, accountability, and someone in your corner to cheer you along every step of the way.

Private coaching with me offers tactical expertise customised to your specific real-time needs.

  • 3-Month Event Brilliance Coaching
  • 6-Month Event Brilliance Coaching
  • 12-Month Event Brilliance Coaching
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Instant Downloads

Explore my instant downloads to be well on your way to event brilliance.


Join me at one of my events, I will share with you my knowledge, skills and experiences so you can deliver professional, engaging and valuable events that delivers strategic results.

  • Launch & Accelerate Your Event Career

    In this masterclass you will:
    • Explore the fundamentals to create your professional brand
    • Learn how to stand out and get known in the event industry
    • Build a high impact resume
    • Discover how to interview for success
    • Set up and optimise your LinkedIn profile – bring your laptop!
    • Maintain a professional online presence
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  • Grow Your Business With Lucrative Events

    In this masterclass you will:
    • Identify what type of events you should hold
    • Create a customised event strategy
    • Explore how to attract and convert attendees
    • Master fundamental event planning elements
    • Explore tactics to deploy a successful event
    • Establish post event actions
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  • For the Love of CX: Building Lifelong Customers & Event Attendees

    In this masterclass you will:
    • Identify the difference between customer strategy (CX) vs customer service
    • Explore the value of CX
    • Determine what makes a great CX
    • Master seven CX best practices
    • Discover CX humanisation
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  • Team Workshops

    Do want to invigorate & upskill your team?

    How would it feel to master event planning protocols so you and your team can confidently manage and deploy successful events with measurable results?

    VICKY TROP workshops are customised to your team and organisational needs. You and your team will be equipped with up-to-date strategic event industry knowledge, helping you kick goals with every event you deliver, ultimately increasing your conversions and bottom line = revenue.

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My practical, real-life stories and important tactical take-aways will leave your organisations workforce, your guests or your clients inspired for action.

Book me as a speaker

Your organisations workforce, your guests or your clients will be left inspired for action.

I am your next engaging keynote speaker. My speaking themes are inspired by event industry trends and forecasts that are relevant to a wide variety of audiences, their businesses and organisations.

All speaking engagements are customised by me to suit your organisational goals, event theme and target audience.

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You’re here because you’re committed to learning and polishing your craft at running brilliant events through leadership, passion for the industry, and unparalleled love for creative and strategic greatness.

I am here to show you exactly how, with ease and knowledge.

“It’s an absolute privilege to share my knowledge, skills, experiences, and my life’s work, inspiring you to deliver Event Brilliance.”