Are you ready to master event planning?

Discover the fundamental elements to successful event planning and gain the expertise, skills and confidence to produce your own professional events that deliver BIG results.


Whether you are experienced at running events or just starting your event journey, you can achieve new levels of event mastery with me: VICKY TROP.

Access practical downloadable resources, attend my ‘power learner’ masterclasses, book an event brilliance audit, or participate in one:one mentoring with me.

Explore my industry-leading resources and get started on your Event Brilliance journey today!

Downloadable Tools & Resources

Welcome to the Event Brilliance resource hub! Discover resources for effortless event planning, catering to all levels. From guides to templates, conquer challenges confidently. Explore VICKY TROP downloads to kickstart your Event Brilliance journey!


Join me for a VICKY TROP 2-hour power learner session to elevate your skills and enhance your expertise.

Event Brilliance Audit

Recommendations to transform your events and unlock a new level of success.

Transform your events to extraordinary experiences!

Discover the path to Event Brilliance with an exclusive 2-hour mastermind consultation. Take your events to new heights strategically, transforming them into powerful assets. This isn’t just a consultation; it’s the inaugural step towards event brilliance!

Introducing the VICKY TROP Event Brilliance Audit:

  • 2-hour consultation with VICKY TROP
  • Assess the current format of your event
  • Explore the future trajectory of your events
  • Receive a report with actionable recommendations for tangible results

This mastermind consultation is ideal for you if you aim to:

  • Produce professional and successful events
  • Maximize the ROI of your events
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Effectively address and overcome any challenges
  • Understand your team’s skills, challenges, and capabilities, ready to deliver event brilliance
  • Have a clearly defined event footprint

Seize this opportunity to revolutionize your events and unlock a new level of success.

Let’s collaborate in crafting event brilliance together!

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Customised event expertise for your real-time growth, success, and self-discovery; empowering your event brilliance journey with practical, personalised guidance.

I’m here to see you win!

Experience personalised event guidance tailored to fuel your real-time growth, success, and self-discovery with VICKY TROP Mentoring. Elevate your journey in event brilliance with hands-on support and practical insights designed just for you.

VICKY TROP Mentoring is for you if you:

  • Are starting your event journey or are experienced at running events
  • You produce conferences and events and want to achieve new levels of mastery
  • Want to transform your events into powerful assets with outcome-driven results
  • Looking to bring an idea to life, from concept to a wildly successful activation
  • Benchmarks are set, but you need the kick-start to reach them
  • Achieving a tangible return on investment for your events is a non-negotiable goal
  • You’re action-orientated and results driven
  • You’re looking for dedicated support, proven systems, unwavering accountability, and a genuine cheerleader in your corner

What You Can Expect: Mentoring Tailored To You.

My exclusive mentoring sessions provide practical expertise customised to address your real-time challenges and opportunities. Whether your aiming for a three-month sprint, a six-month strategic boost, or a comprehensive year-long transformation, I’ve got you covered.

All my mentoring packages are meticulously crafted to deliver maximum value, encompassing:

  1. One-hour weekly event brilliance mentoring sessions
  2. Unlimited Voxer messages, so you can access me on-demand
  3. Access to industry-leading systems, tools & resources
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You’ve arrived with a strong dedication to elevate your event planning skills, driven by the pursuit of creating profound events with significant and measurable results.

I am here to guide you effortlessly and share my expertise on achieving these goals.

“It’s an absolute privilege to share my expertise, skills, experiences, and my life’s work, inspiring you to deliver Event Brilliance.”