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  • Launch & Accelerate Your Event Career

    In this masterclass you will:
    • Explore the fundamentals to create your professional brand
    • Learn how to stand out and get known in the event industry
    • Build a high impact resume
    • Discover how to interview for success
    • Set up and optimise your LinkedIn profile – bring your laptop!
    • Maintain a professional online presence
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  • Grow Your Business With Lucrative Events

    In this masterclass you will:
    • Identify what type of events you should hold
    • Create a customised event strategy
    • Explore how to attract and convert attendees
    • Master fundamental event planning elements
    • Explore tactics to deploy a successful event
    • Establish post event actions
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  • For the Love of CX: Building Lifelong Customers & Event Attendees

    In this masterclass you will:
    • Identify the difference between customer strategy (CX) vs customer service
    • Explore the value of CX
    • Determine what makes a great CX
    • Master seven CX best practices
    • Discover CX humanisation
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  • Team Workshops

    Do want to invigorate & upskill your team?

    How would it feel to master event planning protocols so you and your team can confidently manage and deploy successful events with measurable results?

    VICKY TROP workshops are customised to your team and organisational needs. You and your team will be equipped with up-to-date strategic event industry knowledge, helping you kick goals with every event you deliver, ultimately increasing your conversions and bottom line = revenue.

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Event Brilliance Coaching

Event Brilliance Team Masterclasses

  • Event Brilliance Seminar

    Prepare to be motivated, inspired, and re-energised in this seminar, set to challenge your perception of what event success looks like. When others talk about outside the box thinking, VICKY TROP (me) makes the box redundant, replacing it with my thought-provoking proven ideas that are equal parts creative and strategic.

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  • Event Brilliance Strategy Masterclass

    Do you need to create a strategic calendar of events to capitalise on growing your brand, making it the go-to within your marketplace?

    In this masterclass, together we will design a strategic calendar of events that will expose your brand, grow your business, and amplify customer relationships.

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  • Event Brilliance Tactical Masterclass

    Turn your events into assets!

    How would you feel to own the event industry’s ultimate knowledge builder?

    It’s time to get hands on with this tactical masterclass! I will guide you through step-by-step event planning protocols so you can confidently manage and deploy successful events with measurable results.

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Event Brilliance Consultations

  • Event Brilliance Explorer

    How would you feel to:

    • Understand the return on investment of your event?
    • Easily address all your challenge points?
    • Know your teams skills, challenges and capabilities ready to deliver EVENT BRILLIANCE?
    • Have an event footprint clearly defined for you?

    The VICKY TROP Event Brilliance Explorer is the start to your Event Brilliance journey, a 2-hour mastermind consultation that offers you insights to take strategic actions that pivot your events into assets.

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